Clonlara NS Records - Register of Infants

Discover your Clonlara ancestors from the turn of the 20th century. The documents below are official Register of Infants of Clonlara National School from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.


  1. These records have been transcribed from the originals as recorded by the school at the time. No Responsibility can be taken by Clonlara Heritage Group for any errors or omissions on the original documents
  2. Records are incomplete and some years are not available
  3. Records may have different spellings of the sme names and places e.g Errina/Erinagh
  4. A question mark (?) indicates that information is missing or cannot be read
  5. Dates on original documents may not fully correspond with information therein
  6. We are only permitted to provide records that are older than 100 years.

These records provide a fascinating insight to the school system from this era. They capture details such as the subjects your ancestors were taught, their attendance record, how old they were and the occupation of their parents.


Register of Infants 1892 – 1896

Date of entranceRegister NumberPupil NameAge last birthdayReligious Denomination   Residence   Parent’s Occupation    
Sept 25th543Walsh Michael5RCDeerparkOrphan
Oct 6th545Shea James (Jmaes)5RCErinaghFarmer
Oct 11th546Shea James (Tom)4RCErinaghLabourer
Jan 9th  1893547Burke Michael5RCClouncorheeFarmer
Apr 4th550Sheedy William5RCAughboyFarmer
Apr 10th551Nihill George5RCCoolastikeLabourer
Apr 24th552Cross Thomas6RCDerryfaddaFarmer
Apr 25th553McDonnell Pat5RCDerryfaddaFarmer
May 1st554Stritch Michael4RCClonlaraFarmer
May 3rd555Morrissey Pat5RCAughboyFarmer
May 8th556Quinn Thomas4RCClonlaraStone Cutter
May 14th557Keane Robert5RCMonaskehaLock keeper
May18th558Enright Thomas4RCSpringfieldFarmer
May 29th559Freeman Pat6RCGillogueLabourer
June 4th535Herbert James5RCDeerparkFarmer
June 12th536Ryan Michael4RCDeerparkFarmer
June 19th560Hickey Mat5RCKnockbrackFarmer
June 19th561Hickey Pat4RCKnockbrackFarmer
July 3rd562Byrom John4RCKnockbrackFarmer
July 3rd563Hamilton John3RCClonlaraFarmer
Sept 4th537Whyte George5RCCoolastikeLabourer
Sept 4th564Lane Michael5RCShravokeeFarmer
Nov 7th569Mulcahy George5RCWaterparkCoachman
March 26th 1894570Spaight David6RCDerryfaddaFarmer
Apr 3rd571Sheedy John5RCClonlaraSmith
May 1st573Spaight Pat5RCDerryfaddaFarmer
Sept 10th576O’Brien Pat5RCDeerparkLabourer
Sept 25th577Hayes John4RCLeitrimFarmer
Jan 9th 1895582McCabe Frances3RCClonlaraPoliceman
Apr 22nd583Hickey Michael3RCCoolastikeFarmer
May 14th585Burke Michael4RCAughboyFarmer
June 2nd586Sheedy Pat4RCAughboyFarmer
June 12th587Kitson Martin4RCBlackwaterSteward
July 22nd588Walsh John6RCGilogueLabourer
Aug 26th589Monaghan Michael5RCDerryfaddaFarmer
Sept 9th590Hannan Michael5RCCoolderryFarmer
Dec 10th594Burke Pat4RCClonlaraSargeant
18th Feb 1896595Shea John4RCErinaghLabourer
9th March596Hamilton James3RCClonlaraFarmer
17th April597Reddan Denis4RCClonlaraGardener
4th May598Ryan Pat5RCAherinaFarmer
18th May599Ryan Martin4RCDromintobinFarmer
18th May600Enright Michael5RCSpringfieldFarmer
20th May601Carroll John6RCRosmaddaHerdsman
20th July603Burke John4RcSnipe LodgeLabourer

Register of Infants 1915 – 1920

Date of entrance    Register NumberPupil NameAge last birthdayReligious Denomination   Residence   Parent’s Occupation    
Oct 7th 1915853Craughwell Martin6RCDoonassFarmer
Oc 12th 1915884Conlon Patrick4RCKildoorasFarmer
Oct 12th 1915885Conlon Michael3RCKildoorasFarmer
 March 15th 1916886O’Gorman John P4RCKildoorasFarmer
May 5th 1916887Bourke Martin5RCErinaghFarmer
May 24th 1916888Walsh John5RCCanal BridgeFarmer
Sept 6th 1916889Browne Edward4RCSpringfieldFarmer
Sept 9th 1916890Moloney John5RCLisduffFarmer
Sept 16th 1916891McNally John4RCGillogueFarmer
Sept 24th 1916892Ryan Christie4RCClonlaraLabourer
Feb 28th 1916893Moloney Martin4RCClonlaraCarpenter
March 23rd 1916894Michael J Teefy4RCClonlaraLabourer
April 10th 1916895Kearney Stephen4RCClonlaraLabourer
May 15th 1916896McCormak Thomasl4RCSpringfieldFarmer
May  22nd 1916897Crowe Patrick5RCCoolderryFarmer
May 29th 1916899Conlon John J4RCKildoorasFarmer
Jne 12th 1916900Sheridan John4RCDoonassLabourer
June 19th 1916901Sheedy Michael6RCAughboyLabourer
July 4th1916903Tuohy Christie4RCCappavillaOrphan
July 4th 1916904McNally Tom4RCCappavillaLabourer
Sept 20th 1916905Murphy Ned4RCCappavillaLabourer
Sept 25th 1916906Ryan James (James)5RCClonlaraLabourer
Oct 3rd 1916907O’Connell John7RCDromintobinClerk
Oct 4th 1916908Sheedy John4RCClonlaraLabourer
Oct 16th 1916909Malone James5RCShravokeeFarmer
Jan 16 1917909Malone James5RCShravokeeFarmer
Jan 22nd 1917910Ryan Joe8RCKilmoreLabourer
Jan 22nd 1917911Ryan George7RCKilmoreLabourer
April 25th 1917912O’Gorman Michael4RCSnipe LodgeFarmer
April 24th 1917913McEvoy Simon5RCMonaskehaLock-keeper
April 24th 1917914McEvoyPat4RCMonaskehaLock-keeper
May 9th 1917922Ryan Joseph5RCKilmoreLabourer
May 9th 1917917McNamara Christ5RCBellisleLabourer
May 9th 1917918Boes Michael5RCCoolastigueLabourer
May 9th 1917919Myers James5RCBellisleLabourer
May 9th 1917920Corry Peter4RCOakfieldLabourer
Apr 29th 1918928O’Connell Michael5RCAherinaFarmer
April 30th 1918933Conlon Andrew5RCKildoorasFarmer
May 6th 1918930Moloney Michael5RCCurrakicaleFarmer
May 6th 1918934Wall James6RCCoolderryFarmer
May 14th 1918935McCormack John4RCSpringfieldFarmer
May 27th 1918925Mulqueen Pat5RCErinaghLabourer
June 24th 1918936Ryan John5RCKildoorasLabourer
Jan 13th 1919923Madden Christ8RCErinaghLabourer
Jan 13th 1919924Madden Pat7RCErinaghLabourer
Jan 16th 1919937Kearney Joseph4RCMonaskehaLabourer
April 24th 1919939McCormack John6RCSpringfieldFarmer
April 19th 1919940Toomey Thomas4RCClonlaraSmith
May 6th 1919941Noonan Michael5RCBellisleLabourer
May 26th 1919942Hickey John7RCBallydaFarmer
Jan 18th 1920943Hastings Francis5RCCanal BridgeLabourer
March 5th 1920944Corry Joe4RCDromintobinFarmer
Sept 22nd 1920946Cuneen Pat5RCToureenFarmer
May 11th 1920947o’Connell William5RCOakfieldFarmer
June 11th 1920949King Alph5ECClonlaraLabourer
July 5th 1920950Hyland Willie7RCBellisleLabourer
Auguast 24th 1920952Noonan Martin5RCBellisleLabourer
Nov 12th 1920953Moloney Willie4RCClonlara


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