Clonlara NS Records - Boys 1900 - 1910

Discover your Clonlara ancestors from the turn of the 20th century. The documents below are official school records of Clonlara National School from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.


  1. These records have been transcribed from the originals as recorded by the school at the time. No Responsibility can be taken by Clonlara Heritage Group for any errors or omissions on the original documents
  2. Records are incomplete and some years are not available
  3. Records may have different spellings of the sme names and places e.g Errina/Erinagh
  4. A question mark (?) indicates that information is missing or cannot be read
  5. Dates on original documents may not fully correspond with information therein
  6. We are only permitted to provide records that are older than 100 years.

These records provide a fascinating insight to the school system from this era. They capture details such as the subjects your ancestors were taught, their attendance record, how old they were and the occupation of their parents.


School Records 1900 – 1910

Date of entranceRegister NumberPupil NameAge last birthdayReligious DenominationResidenceParent’s OccupationTransferred From Pupil Struck off
March 31st, 1900639Murphy Edward5RCClonlaraConstableTransferred from Infants Roll
March 31st, 1900640Browne Edward6RC?Canal BridgeLockkeeperTransferred from Infants Roll
March 31st, 1900641Hickey John5RCKnockbrackFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll
March 31st, 1900642Moloney Thomas5RCMonaskehaCarpenterTransferred from Infants Roll
March 31st, 1900646Shea Patrick6RCErinaghFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll08.02.08
June 15th, 1900654Nihill John Joe7RCClogheraFarmerSallybank Clare 2nd
June 15th, 1900655Nihill Thomas9RCClogheraFarmerSallybank Clare 3rd
June 25th, 1900666O’Shaughnessy John8RCClogheraFarmerSallybank Clare 2nd
June 25th, 1900667O’Shaughnessy Pat7RCClogheraFarmerSallybank Clare 1st
June 25th, 1900669Griffin James13RCSummerhillGardenerCastleconnell Limerick 5th
Dec 3rd, 1900676Clancy Pat10RCAherinaFarmerSallybank Clare 4th
Dec 3rd, 1900677Clancy John8RCAherinaFarmerSakkybank Clare 2nd
Dec 9th, 1900679Angley James9RCAherinaFarmerSallybank Clare 1st
 July 1st 1901651Barry Tom11RCLisduffLabourerNever at Nl School20.07.01
Nov 4th 1901689McGuinness Arthur8RCClonlaraSargaentCork Model School 1st
7th ?? 1901686Larkin Mat J9RCLarkins CrossPublicanParteen Clare 3rd
?? 1901685Larkin John10RCLarkins CrossPublicanparteen Clare2nd
?? 1901??Sheridan James12RCOakfieldLabourerSallybank Clare 5th
?? 1901678Clancy Thomas7RCAherinaFarmerSallybank Clare
July 1st 1903645Clancy Michael7RCEarl HillFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll12.06.09
July 1st 1903715Sheedy James7RCAughboyFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll10.06.11
July 1st 1903652O’Shea John7RCErinaghFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll10.06.11
July 1st 1903640Browne Edward7ECErinaghFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll16.02.07
July 1st 1903696Cairns John7RCCoolastikeFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll
April 4th 1903712Going Henry7ECClonlaraLabourerTransferred from Infants Roll
May 5th 1903559Monaghan Michael7RCDerryfaddaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll
May 16th 1903651Walshe Willie9RCCanal BridgeFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll28.03.08
June 30th 1903722Nihill Cornelius13RCClontraFarmerSallybank Clare
March 5th 1904673McNamara Martin7RCDerryfaddaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll26.06.09
March 5th 1904697O’Reilly Pat7RCRosmaddaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll30.09.12
March 5th 1904699Campbell James7RCCoolderryFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll06.04.11
March 5th 1904704Mulqueen John J7RCClonlaraFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll15.01.10
March 5th 1904706Browne Tom6RC??Canal BridgeFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll16.09.11
March 5th 1904707Rice John7ECClonlaraPolicemanTransferred from Infants Roll31.03.16
March 5th 1904680Angley John7RCKilmoreFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll30.04.10
March 5th 1904719Stritch Arthur7RCCappavillaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll18.09.09
April 11th 1904738Burke Martin7RCCoolastikeFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll01.06.12
May 21st 1904739Cahill John7RCParteenLabourerTransferred from Infants Roll18.07.08
Nov 3rd 1904709Sheedy Michael7RCSpringfieldFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll01.05.09
Nov 3rd 1904677O’Shea Thomas7RCErinaghFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll23.09.11
March 5th 1904653Enright Cornelius8RCSpringfieldFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll23.06.10
March 5th 1904668Dineen Pat7RCEarl HillFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll30.06.13
April 1st 1905736Toomey Willie6RCClonlaraSmithTransferred from Infants Roll
6th April 1905740Cahire Francis7RCParteenLabourerTransferred from Infants Roll18.07.08
6th April 1905742Goode James7RCClonlaraGardenerTransferred from Infants Roll
6th April 1905708Rice Richard8RCClonlaraPolicemanTransferred from Infants Roll31.03.06
6th April 1905648Monaghan Tom11RcGillogueFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll26.03.10
March 26th 1905745Hehir Joseph8RCClonlaraLabourerTransferred from Infants Roll18.12.09
April 1st 1905674Mason Mat8RCGillogueLabourerTransferred from Infants Roll23.04.10
April 1st 1905746Meehan Michael8RCAnnesgroveLabourerParteen Clare 1st08.07.05
April 1st 1905675Dillon Tom9RCDerryfaddaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll04.11.05
April 1st 1905671Reddan Martin8RCClonlaraLabourerTransferred from Infants Roll01.07.11
April 1st 1905700Ryan John7RCAherinaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll21.06.10
April 1st 1905701Sheerin David7RCMonaskehaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll01.06.12
April 1st 1905703Dillon Michael7RCDerryfaddaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll06.05.11
April 1st 1905718Cuneen Michael7RCCappavillaHerdsmanTransferred from Infants Roll09.04.10
April 1st 1905724Reilly Joe6RCRosmaddaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll
April 1st 1905725Corry John6RCDromintobinFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll17.09.10
April 1st 1906670Monaghan James9RCGillogueFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll26.03.10
April 1st 1906676Angley Tom9RCAherinaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll30.04.11
April 1st 1906716McCormack John7RCCappavillaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll
April 1st 1906717Ryan Peter7RCAherinaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll15.11.11
April 1st 1906733Stritch Tom7RCCappavillaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll
April 1st 1906735Browne Robert7ECCanal BridgeFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll
April 1st 1906720O’Sullivan John8RCClonlaraFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll11.06.10
April 1st 1906721O’Sullivan Michael7RCClonlaraFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll10.12.08
April 1st 1906732Corry Pat7RCOakfieldFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll19.06.16
April 1st 1906672Walsh Christie11RCGillogueOrphanTransferred from Infants Roll25.09.09
April 1st 1906741Cahill Tom6RCParteenLabourerTransferred from Infants Roll18.07.08
Nov 19th 1906610Sheridan Peter11RCCanal BridgeLabourerOatfield Clare 1st class28.09.07
Nov 19th 1906691Sheridan Michael10RCCanal BridgeLabourerOatfield Clare 1st class14.09.07
Nov 19th 1906777Barton Christie8RCSallybankFarmerSallybank Clare 1st class14.01.11
Nov 19th 1906778Barton Martin7RCSallybankFarmerSallybank Clare 1st class17.12.10
Jan 16th 1906640Browne Edward11ECErinaghFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll16.02.07
Jan 28th 1906644Burke James8RCGillogueFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll17.03.06
July 15th 1907780Boes John8RCCoolastikeFarmerClonlara F Clare29.06.12
Sept 9th 1907782Corry Michael7RCOakfieldFarmerClonlara F Clare04.09.15
March 11th 1907785Guinnane Joseph8RCNewtownHerdsmanClonlara F Clare31.08.12
March 11th 1907786Mornane James8RCMt CatherineFarmerClonlara F Clare07.09.12
March 11th 1907787McCormack Joe8RCCappavillaFarmerClonlara F Clare20.09.13
July 1st 1907731Enright Pat8RCSpringfieldOrphanTransferred from Infants Roll10.10.13
July 1st 1907744O’Shea Michael8RCErinaghFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll12.09.14
July 1st 1907749O’Dwyer Edmund7RCMonaskehaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll0.06.15
July 1st 1907747Ryan Willie6RCAherinaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll11.09.15
July 1st 1908729Hastings Martin8RCCanal BridgeLabourerTransferred from Infants Roll11.02.11
July 1st 1908783Burke Martin6RCCoolastikeFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll
July 1st 1908788Keane Pa7RCOakfieldOrphanTransferred from Infants Roll22.08.14
July 1st 1908727Shearin James8RCAughboyFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll19.06.15
July 6th 1908803Crowe John6RCCoolderraFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll10.06.16
July 6th 1908780Clancy John6RCEarlHillFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll10.06.16
July 6th 1908812Mornane John6RCMount CatherineFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll22.01.14
July 11th 1908702Hickey Stephen10RCEarl HillOrphanTransferred from Infants Roll04.04.12
July 11th 1908737Hickey Pat9RCBallydaFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll11.02.11
July 14th 1908806Ryan Pat7RCCanal BridgeFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll04.09.16
July 14th 1908779Barton Pat7RCSallybankFarmerTransferred from Infants Roll15.10.10
July 1st 1909751O’Dwyer James8RCMonaskehaOrphanTransferrred from Infant Roll
July 1st 1909800Corry Dan6RCOakfieldFarmerTransferrred from Infant Roll
July 1st 1909804Crowe Tom7RCCoolderryFarmerTransferrred from Infant Roll04.04.14
Jan 29th 1910754Angley Michael8RCKilmoreFarmerTransferrred from Infant Roll05.09.14
Jan 29th 1910805Crowe Stephen6RCCoolderryFarmerTransferrred from Infant Roll01.06.18
Jan 29th 1910756Monaghan Dan7RCDerryfaddaOrphanTransferred from Infant Roll13.03.15
June 30th 1910755MonaghanJohn8RCDerryfaddaOrphanTransferred from Infant Roll13.03.15
June 30th 1910784Tuohy James9RCDerryfaddaOrphanTransferred from Infant Roll29.08.14
June 30th 1910818Gully James7RCDerryfaddaLabourerTransferred from Infant Roll16.09.16
June 30th 1910810Griffin James7RCDerryfaddaLabourerTransferred from Infant Roll06.05.16
 – 10th 1910824Hayes James8RCChapel CrossLabourerTransferred from Infant Roll27.08.10
 – 10th 1910825Hayes Michael7RCChapel CrossLabourerTransferred from Infant Roll27.08.10
April 10th 1910826Hayes John9RCChapel CrossLabourerTransferred from Infant Roll27.08.10
April 19th 1910830Myers John9RCBellisleFishermanTransferred from Infant Roll28.06.13
Jan 14th 1911832McCormack Willie7RCGrawnFarmerTransferred from Infant Roll28.08.15

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